Deaf Demographics and Employment: Books

This guide will point you to resources to help you find demographics and employment information

Finding Books

There are books offering in-depth scholarly analyses on Deaf Employment topics. Use the RIT Libraries Catalog to find more books on this topic. Deaf Demographics info can be found through our NTID Center, Collaboratory on Economic, Demographic, and Policy Studies.

Use the  keywords "deaf* employment", or  deaf* AND (employment OR work* OR job*).   If you are interested in the legal aspects of Deaf Employment, check out "Deaf* AND "Americans with Disabilities Act" material. The asterisk * next to deaf and other words will find variations in the spelling of that word.

If you already have a citation, use the Citation LInker to find the book.

Tip: Use the bibliography at the end of the book chapters or encyclopedia articles to find more works. 


Check out these ebook databases for more titles related to your topic.

Interlibrary Loan: Books

Many books are available in the library, but sometimes you will find books we have not bought.  Use the Information Delivery Service (IDS) to order books or book chapters. This is a free service.

If we do not have the book in our Collection, order it from IDS.

IDS requests usually take 3-5 business days.  When the item arrives, you will receive an email.  If it is an entire book, it will be available for check-out at the Circulation Desk.  If it is a book chapter, it will usually be delivered as a PDF to your IDS account.

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