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Deaf Demographics and Employment: Guide Contents

This guide will point you to resources to help you find demographics and employment information

Guide Contents

This guide will assist you with finding  Deaf  Demographics and Employment research. The center, Collaboratory on Economic, Demographic, and Policy Studies has detailed information and statistics related to the deaf population and is shared here.Deaf-related resources tend to be in the HV2300-HV2600 area for books, bound journals, and DVDs.

A highly recommended guide is the Gallaudet University Deaf Statistics Library Guide. 

There is more statistical and demographic information via the National Deaf Center. If you have questions, feel free to contact me, Joan Naturale - I am the NTID and Deaf Studies Librarian and happy to help.

Demographics Statistics
Find detailed information about the deaf population (gender, age, ethnicity) and the NTID Alumni community.
Education Statistics
Find out the statistics of DHH completing various education levels.
Employment Statistics
Find out how education influence employment prospects for the DHH population.
Earnings Statistics
Find out how the DHH compare to their hearing peers in earnings.
Reference Works & Books
 Browse through the selected books authored by outstanding scholars in the field
Papers & Dissertations
In addition to books, there are selected conference papers and dissertations for your review
Scholarly Articles
A few journals are recommended for searching this topic which you can find in our databases. Selected databases are shown with search tips given to optimize search results
Google Tools
Use Google Tools such as Google Books and Google Scholar to discover more works
Selected websites for your review related to this topic
Find resources related to citing your work properly using APA format.

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