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CMDS333 Wicked Problem 2019: Wicked Problem 2016: Food Waste Across the Supply Chain


Wicked Problem Topic for 2016

The selected wicked problem topic for 2016 was Food Waste Across the Supply Chain.

Food Waste Across the Supply Chain - web resources

As you can imagine, there are a large number on online resources about the topic of Food Waste Across the Supply Chain.

Google Scholar will provide a large number of scholarly and academic resources.  If you find articles in Google Scholar that are not freely available in full-text, check the RIT Library's A-Z Journal List.  If the Library does not have the full-text, you can request that the Library obtain it for you. 

Below are select links to resources to aid in your research.

Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations 

Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations - Statistics

Food Waste Along the Food Chain - from the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) Food Waste Within Food Supply Chains: Quantification and Potential for Change to 2050 by , ,

National Resources Defense Council
     National Resources Defence Council Issue Paper

PinBoard Collection of Readings

Save the Children - USA

Save the Children - International

Sustainable Supply Chains: An Introduction by Jonathan D. Linton, Robert Klassen, and Vaidyanathan Jayaraman 
Towards a Framework for Improvement in the Management of Demand in Agri‐Food Supply Chains
by David H. Taylor, Andrew Fearne

World Food Programme  - world's largest humanitarian agency fighting hunger

World Food Program - USA

Value Chain Analysis: An Approach to Supply Chain Improvement in Agri-Food Chains 

Food Waste Across the Supply Chain - book resources

There are many results on the topic of Food Waste Across the Supply Chain. 

Clicking the link above will provide a dynamic list of results available via the Library.

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