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HLTH 718 Evidence Based Management Practices in Healthcare: ***Chp. 5 FRAME your search


What type of information are you seeking?


  • Frame (think out) your research question using the PICO method which was developed in the medical field for clinical researchers.  This research question raming process is helpful to use whether you are researching a background administrative or management issue or a specific lab or clinical issue.

  • PICO stands for  (Population; Intervention; Comparison; Outcome)

  • PATIENT/PROBLEM - What are the characteristics of the patient or population or problem?

  • INTERVENTION - What do you want to do with this patient or population or problem?

  • COMPARISON - Are there alternatives to consider? This could be an optional step.If this

  • OUTCOME - What are you trying to accomplish, measure, improve or affect?

  • If this is a clinical issue: Are you looking for therapy (treatment), Diagnosis, Harm/Etiology (identify causes for disease) , Prognosis (estimate patient's clinical course), Prevention?


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