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UWRT 150 Writing Seminar (Mazique): Citing Cartoons


Citing Political Cartoons

This is from the Liberal Arts Librarian, Cami Goldowitz Political Cartoon Guide.

Political Cartoons can be complicated to cite for a number of reasons.

It is likely that you will retrieve the cartoon from somewhere other than its original source, which may make it difficult to find the artist's name and original publication. Although this information is usually incorporated into the image, in some instances it may have been removed or may simply be illegible. To find this information, it may be helpful to perform a Reverse Image Search such as TinEye Reverse Image.

In some instances, political cartoons may not have titles. In those instances, it is usually acceptable to use a short, bracketed description (ex: [Loan Debt]).

Below you will find information on creating citations for the MLA  format.

Example Citations

MLA Style

Klusza, Maureen. "The Greatest Irony". Cartoon. 9 August 2016. Web. http://moeart.myshopify.com/collections/posters/products/past-work

Image of a cartoon showing a hearing baby signing and a deaf baby with no access to signs "The Greatest Irony".


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