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UWRT 150 Writing Seminar (Mazique): Deaf Language Issues

Finding Encyclopedias & Books

Image of the Gallaudet Encyclopedia set.Encyclopedias are a good place to start in order to get background info, brainstorm, and find topic ideas related to Deaf Language Issues. The Gallaudet Encyclopedia (available in print and online) and The Sage Deaf Studies Encyclopedia have background information about sign language and deaf education.

You are focusing on two areas. The first area focuses on finding viewpoint sources such as opinion articles/editorials and pieces of visual rhetoric (cartoons, ads, bumper stickers, t-shirts, etc.) related to these topics: Language, Deprivation, for Deaf Children. 

You will find this type of information in popular deaf magazines such as Deaf Life magazine and in social media/blogs/vlogs/websites. The Deaf Education scholarly journals also have editorial pages in which writers express an opinion. Look for the editorial column when you search inside the journal.

The second area focuses on finding informative sources regarding the larger historical, political, and cultural contexts on these topics:  Deaf History, Deaf Education Debates, Research on Language Acquisition/Deprivation/Bilingualism (General/Deaf, L1/L2). The Deaf Education scholarly journals are good sources for this type of research. There are scholarly books you can find on this topic by searching the RIT Libraries Catalog below. Try Deaf Education, Bilingual Deaf Education, and related terms as your keywords

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Other Databases

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