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HCIA 740 Healthcare Practical Interpreting II: Finding Books

This guide covers health interpreting resources.

Finding Books

Here are examples of interpreting and encyclopedias or handbooks as well as books about health interpreting below. Many are e-books available 24/7 online.  When looking for books using our catalog, use keywords like (deaf OR sign language) AND (translat* OR interpret*) AND (health OR medic*) to find works.  

Online students, if you need a book we do not have, please search our Connect NY for books and use Interlibrary Loan services (ILL) to order the book as both are free services. Note that it can take up to 5 business days to receive materials from ILL services, so plan accordingly. Set up your ILL account now during class so you are ready to order books and articles.

Local RIT patrons, allow yourself time to order the books and get them as it can take up to 2 business days to receive books from Connect NY.  There are some kinks to work out with Connect NY's new platform. Please follow these directions until it's fixed. 

When users click on the request button on the catalog record of the book they want to order:

• a new tab opens, prompting users to select an institution and log in

• the user is returned to the screen they were on previously (search results or item record)

• The user still needs to click the "Request" button again to start the request.

• You can continue to use Interlibrary Loan for articles requests.

You will be informed the book is here. Local RIT faculty and staff can request delivery of the book to their offices using this form

Articles requests from Interlibrary loans are usually fast, especially if you have the doi number of the article--you can get it within an hour! DO NOT PAY for articles, as you can get them for free.

If you are local, you can apply for an RRLC Access Library Pass. This allows you to visit area libraries and check out materials such as the University of Rochester. 

If there are books "off-site", you can request the item. See this video that explains the process or follow these directions for LOCAL on-campus patrons. If you are an online student, please use the interlibrary loan system to request the book and have it delivered to your home.

For local RIT patrons on campus, here are the directions:

Click on the Request tab above the search bar.
Click on Request RIT copy.
Type in your username and password. Mark your selection and click Request Selected Item.
You will get an email within 1-3 days that the item is ready for pick-up at the Ritter Library.
After you are informed that the book is available, and if you are faculty or staff, you can request the item be delivered to your office using this form.

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