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HCIA 740 Healthcare Practical Interpreting II: Online Modules and Websites

This guide covers health interpreting resources.

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Sample Online Modules

Social Justice in Interpreting: Designed for interpreter educators and mentors by Dr. Dave Coyne and Dr. Joseph Hill, this module provides content to introduce topics pertaining to social justice such as Allyship, Language Ideology and Attitudes, and Vlogs. Each unit includes written background, videos, and activities. View this module.

Deaf Interpreter/Hearing Interpreter Teams: Developed by an outstanding team at Gallaudet University Interpreting Services under the leadership of Carolyn Ressler, this module includes an Overview of DI/HI Teams, Assessing the Need for a DI/HI Team, Making a Case for a DI/HI Team, and the DI/HI Team at Work. Each section includes activities, readings, print and video lectures, and assessments.  View this module.

DeafBlind Interpreting: This module builds on the the work found in Interpreting Strategies for Deaf-Blind Students: An interactive training tool for educational interpreters and The National Curriculum for Training Interpreters Working with People who are Deaf-Blind. Jane Hecker-Cain working with the Helen Keller National Center for Deaf-Blind Youth and Adults, LaGuardia Community College, and Deaf-Blind individuals has developed a thorough introduction to Deaf-Blind interpreting. The module includes information on such topics as interpreting modifications, environmental and ergonomic considerations, and additional responsibilities. Each unit includes written background, videos, activities and assessments. View this module. 

Here’s to your Health: Infusing Healthcare into Interpreter Education Programs: This newly developed 6-10 hour customizable module on the topic of interpreting in healthcare settings for students is ready for use in your classroom. The module includes video testimonials from healthcare interpreters, role-play activities, and samples of two modules from the CATIE Center focused on the cardiovascular system and healthcare discourse.  View this module.

VR 101-History , System & Process: This module provides an overview of the U.S. Vocational Rehabilitation System from its historic roots to the advent of modern-day disability rights legislation. Topics include: Interpreter perspectives of VR, the VR Act, the Rehabilitation Process, and Section 504, the Americans with Disabilities Act and other related legislation. The module includes video lectures, readings, activities and assessments. View this module.

Faces of Deaf Consumers: This module introduces students to the diverse group of VR Deaf consumers including discussions about language use and educational background. Students are introduced to a variety of Deaf consumers and develop a “situational assessment” based on Demand-Control Schema, as described by Pollard and Dean, to determine what appropriate resources are needed for a successful interpretation including whether to accept an assignment at all. The module includes video lectures, readings, activities and assessments. View this module.

Deaf Health Care Links

ASL Videos for the Deaf Community to better understand research concepts:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about DWW in ASL Vlog or Text
What is Informed Consent? in ASL Vlog or Text
I want to become a Research Volunteer in ASL Vlog or Text
What is a Randomized Controlled Trial? in ASL Vlog or Text
What is a Cognitive Interview? in ASL Vlog or Text
What is Peer Driven Recruitment? in ASL Vlog
View other Vlogs from the National Center for Deaf Health Research

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