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HCIA 740 Healthcare Practical Interpreting II: APA Citations

This guide covers health interpreting resources.

Using APA

APA  (American Psychological Association- 7th ed. is used in the areas of the behavioral and social sciences.  The OWL Purdue Writing Center also has guides on the APA 7th ed. This BibGuru guide link is highly recommended, especially for unusual formats.

There are formatting rules one follows when writing a research paper (margins, page numbers, titles, capitalization, etc.), creating in-text citations in the body of the paper, and writing full citations on the References page (the last page). View an APA template for your paper. Some professors may ask you to submit your papers to TurnItin, a plagiarism checking database.

You must have both the in-text citations and the References page which is a list of all sources you used for your paper. There is an online citation builder, Noodlebib, which you can use to create citations. You must log on through the library website in order to get free access. It is helpful to use an annotated bibliography to organize and summarize your research. Take a look at this PowerPoint presentation.

•Author’s qualifications--who is the author? What makes him an expert? 

•Time article was published-how recent is it?

•Purpose of the article--why was the article written? 

•Intended audience-Who is the reading audience? 

•Author’s assumptions or bias--does the author have a bias or make assumptions? 

•Author’s conclusion--what did the author conclude?

Write down the main ideas and summary of the article.

•Relationship to other articles-- how does this article relate to other articles you found that agree/disagree with this article? (do this after you collect 6-8 articles)

Personal reflection and critique-useful for the paper---what are your thoughts about this article? Can you use it for your paper/presentation? Why? Why not?  

Why Should We Use Citations?

Check out the Citation Management tool Zotero with instructions on how to use it.

Why Do We Need to Cite Sources for Papers or Presentations? You

  • need to acknowledge another person's work and ideas and give him credit.
  • gain credibility as your paper shows you did the research to evaluate and select the best sources.
  •  avoid plagiarism.
  •  sources are easier to find for the reader.

How Do You Incorporate Sources Within Your Paper or Presentation?

  • Quoting-Copy a short passage word for word, set off by quotation marks.
  • Summarizing--Restate the main ideas in your own words which is shorter than the origiinal
  • Paraphrasing--Take an idea and put it in your own words.

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