Business Ethics: Tips for Business Ethics Searches

Tips for Searching for Business Ethics Articles

  1. Keep in mind that ethical situations in organizations and among people are not always described by academic terms. For example if you are looking for articles that demonstrate ethical finance the writer might not use the words ethical finance
    For example this article is about the bank Wells Fargo signing up customers for car insurance without permission. This led to customers having their credit hurt. The article does not use the words ethical or finance but contains an example of finance being used unethically by a company.

  2. Use your textbook and assigned readings to look for clues and words that might help your searches. Textbooks especially usually have reference lists that can help you discover more books or articles. 

  3. The Encyclopedia of Business Ethics and Society provides entries on many topics within business ethics. This can be another starting point for exploring the many aspects of this subject. This is a print multi-volume set available on the 4th floor under call number HF5387.E53 2008. Entries from this resources are also in CREDO.

  4. Encyclopedia of Ethics has various entries on the broader topic of ethics.

  5. Use these library databases to locate scholarly, practical and news articles related to ethics and organizational behavior.

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