Criminal Justice: Topic Ideas

This guide will help you get started with your criminal justice research. In addition to recommending useful databases, this guide provides tools for picking a topic, information on finding news sources, and other helpful tips to guide you along the way.

Getting Started

Choosing a topic can be challenging.  There are different tools and techniques you can use to help yourself get started.  Remember, your professor can be a great resource as well!

Current News

Browsing current news stories can help you identify major issues that are being discussed now.

Search Summon

The Summon database searches over 95% of the library's content making it a great place to get started for any topic.  Try typing a few keywords for a topic that interests you into the Summon search box below.  The results that you get will give you an idea of what aspects of your topic others are writing about and can help guide your own topic development.

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