HIST 231 Deaf People in Global Perspective: Gallaudet Deaf Biography Database Index

This guide points to resources about international deaf people, particularly auto/biographies

Finding International Deaf People

The image is a French postage stamp of Joachim du Bellay with a green backgroundThe Gallaudet University Library Guide to Deaf Biographies Database helps you to find more information about deaf people from different countries. You can narrow your search by region. You can also search by the person's name. If you do, type in last name, first name. If you have a citation, try the Citation LInker to locate the material.

Tip: Use the bibliography or references at the end of the papers to find more works. 

Note the references. We have most of these titles. Use the RIT Libraries Catalog to locate them.

Screenshot of Gallaudet Deaf Biography database bio description and citations about du Bellay.

Deaf Biographies List

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