ENGL 417 Deaf Literature: Assignment



You need to do a researched discussion (6 to 7 pages) of one of the following topics treated in at least two stories (students could read a new story and compare it with one of the stories we have already covered in class).  You are expected to use 3-5 sources using MLA style. Any other topics are subject to your professor's approval.

  • Deaf Humor

  • Deaf Folklore

  • Home and Family

  • Audism

  • The Natural and the Unnatural (i.e. no cochlear implants vs. cochlear implants, ASL vs. Signed English or Simultaneous Communication; oralism versus manualism)

  • Lipreading (Advantages, Disadvantages)

  • Deaf Culture

  • Deaf Life and Its Lessons

  • Deaf Space

  • Deaf Diaspora

  • The Dinner Table Syndrome

  • Betweenity

  • Hearing Line

  • Resistance and Affirmation (Karen Christie and Dorothy Wilkins) in ASL Poetry


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