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ENGL 417 Deaf Literature: Types of Deaf/ASL Literature Genres

Finding Deaf and Literature Books

Deaf and ASL Literature have many genres to choose from. There are fiction and non-fiction works. Within fiction, we have short stories, novels, mysteries, historical fiction, folklore/folktales, science fiction, fantasy/fairy tales, realistic fiction, horror, romance, action thrillers (suspense) fiction, Westerns, fables, mythology, auto/biographical novel, graphic novels and utopian fiction. Within non-fiction, we have auto/biographies, memoirs, essays, personal narratives, non-fiction short stories, diaries, travel narratives, editorials, speeches, letters, informational, documentary and newspaper or magazine articles

In addition, Deaf and ASL Literature have poetry and drama works. All of the works are available in print, online and video formats. Deaf Studies books, DVDs and bound periodicals tend to be in the HV2300-2600 area. Deaf Literature books and DVDs are in the PN56-6071 and PS508-3566 areas. 

Check out the Gallaudet Encyclopedia and Sage Deaf Studies Encyclopedia articles on Deaf Literature.


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