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BIOL 265 Evolutionary Biology: Agenda

FALL - This guide is designed for the course assignments .

Class Agenda, Possible topics? SCROLL DOWN


The role of information in your career

  1. Information types and Access
  2. Research and Publishing parallel evolution
  3. What is a scholarly article?
  4. pre 1970 journal article sources:
  5. post 1970 journal article sources
  6. IDS - fulltext journal article access
  7. How to contact me after class
  8. Mentimeter Class Question: Why are journal articles being published? Purpose? Triggers?



  1. Choose a topic you like or is related to a hobby or research interest.
  2. You can search for information by using the Library's webpage (Summon), or use specific databases / journals or GoogleScholar.
  3. Remember to filter the search results by date. 
  4. When searching for historical articles in GoogleScholar use the advanced search feature found in the GoogleScholar menu settings. See image below:



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