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MATH 606 Graduate Seminar: Welcome

this guide is designed to link you to information resources for mathematical application towards solving problems in management science, engineering, biology, financial portfolio planning, facilities planning, control of dynamic systems, and design of co

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I am still your Library Point of Contact

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Your Library Point of Contact

Adwoa Boateng Ed.D

College of Science and

College of Health Sciences & Technology






COS Librarian background:

I have worked in a variety of environments which enables me to understand processes and to help you with your literature review and research.

 In a lab technician I worked on projects with engineers and scientists in quality control and new product development laboratories at General Electric and Corning Inc.  

As a technical information scientist and library manager, I conducted Information research projects at Corning, Bausch @ Lomb and Xerox.

As a Business Services analyst I was involved with information technology projects at the USPTO,EDS and Xerox.

I look forward to assisting you.


  1. Your first two chapters should be written to create the reader's interest in your work. 
  2. This is where you introduce readers to your topic with background information and definitions.
  3. Look for frequently cited works by well known authors.
  4. Include statistics and data provided by professional and government organizations
  5. The last chapters of your dissertation/thesis focus on your actual research which you need to discuss and summarize.
  6. In your conclusion support your recommendations or predictions with journal articles that discuss trends and solutions concerning your research.

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