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Guide Purpose

This guide is designed  for the MS Applied/computational mathematics and the PhD Mathematical Modeling graduate students.  Graduate students are guided through the research and writing process which involves retrieving accurate, applicable information which continues mathematics conversation and scholarship at RIT and in their careers.  Graduate students will be seeking original research articles (primary source), review articles/systematic reviews (secondary source) and possibly older historical papers.

REMINDERS-New students should:

  1. Set up their free IDS / CONNECTNY interlibrary loan account. in order to request fulltext articles and to borrow books.
  2. When off campus add the RIT library's-More@RIT app to GoogleScholar library links setting.
  3. You can manage your research time with the Dissertation/Thesis Time Management Scheduler
  4. If you need to use books at other area libraries, contact your librarian for a RRLC access card.
  5. After discussing your research proposal/literature review with your advisor, contact your  librarian for research assistance.


  • Published in 1878, the oldest mathematics journal is American Journal of Mathematics.  source:     
cover image for: American journal of mathematics
American journal of mathematics ISSN: 0002-9327
01/01/1878 to 12/31/2012 in JSTOR Arts & Sciences I  01/01/1878 to 12/31/2011 in JSTOR Mathematics & Statistics
02/01/1996 to Present in Project MUSE - Premium Collection

How I can help.

I work with graduate students at their own pace assisting with their research process and with selecting appropriate resources. We can meet to brainstorm when you still cannot find that elusive data , datasets or article. My contact information:


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