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MATH 606 Graduate Seminar: Agenda

this guide is designed to link you to information resources for mathematical application towards solving problems in management science, engineering, biology, financial portfolio planning, facilities planning, control of dynamic systems, and design of co



The role of information in your career







IDS Interlibrary Loan Service Point of contact: 

Morna Hilderbrand, as Information Delivery Services (IDS) Librarian is responsible for the timely and cost effective delivery of materials obtained from other libraries and commercial sources. Before joining RIT, she was Access Services Manager at Cornell University.  She holds a BS from Cornell and an MSLIS from Syracuse University. Her research focused on Agronomy (soil science) , Botany (Agriculture focus, Integrated Pest Management. She did some work for Ag Pharma, bio-identicals, GMO and tons of grafting for NY/Cornell apple and grape industries).  

Fun Facts: Publishing/Science trends, timelines, Watch dogs, vanishing journals

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