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MATH 606 Graduate Seminar: 1.Agenda, Fun Facts Icebreaker

this guide is designed to link you to information resources for mathematical application towards solving problems in management science, engineering, biology, financial portfolio planning, facilities planning, control of dynamic systems, and design of co



Trusting information icebreaker- Mentimeter Poll provided in zoom chat

Meet your best contacts at the library


  1. ACCESS: What's happening at IDS by Morna Hilderbrand  Information Delivery Services Librarian
  2. RESEARCH: What's trending with information by Adwoa Boateng  COS/CHST Librarian/Liaison
  3.  Follow the numbered tabs in this online guide.  This guide serves as a backup in case of internet issues.


Zoom protocol: use chat , hand symbols or speak using video. 

Zoom shared view items: 1. Infoguide 2. mentimeter poll and 3. library's webpage 4. GoogleScholar


Fun Facts: Publishing/Science trends, timelines, Watch dogs, vanishing journals

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