GRDE 411 Graphic Design Studio IV: Databases

Databases - Best Bets

Databases help you locate a variety of information sources -- basic introductory information on a topic (dictionary/encyclopedias), specific/in depth journal articles, high quality images. Below are selected key databases to assist you with your discovery and research in graphic design.

Every database has a different focus! Always use a database that best matches the type of information you need.

Some tips to keep in mind: 

  • Often, you can search multiple databases at once
  • Think creatively about terms and try different permutations (e.g., some articles/databases might refer to "user experience" while some might use “UX)
  • Keep a list where you document what terms you searched and where (in which database, catalog, website, etc.) you searched them
  • Use Boolean operators to construct a powerful search

Design Databases for Articles/Journals

Multidisciplinary Databases for Journal Articles

Communication, Psychology and Sociology Databases for Journal Articles

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