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HIST 230 American Deaf History: Overview

Find resources related to American Deaf History.


The image is from the U.S. National Archives and shows a teacher and children in front of an American flag signing.This guide will assist you in finding Deaf resources such as books, journals, articles, and databases. In general, Deaf-related resources tend to be in the HV2300-HV2600 area for books (4th floor including OVERSIZE books), bound journals (2nd floor) and DVDs (1st floor, Deaf Media). However, Deaf topics will be found in different call number areas. If you have questions, feel free to contact me, Joan Naturale - I am the NTID and Deaf Studies Librarian and happy to help. Assignment Topics for Corinna Hill's class. 

An interesting book is Through deaf eyes : A photographic history of the American deaf community. A companion DVD is available. Check out the Chilmark Deaf Community Digital Historical Archive (Martha's Vineyard). This site is down but you can call the library starting next Tues, November 5th and ask to talk to the library director. The phone number is 508-645-3360. 

The best way to find older articles is to use the Gallaudet Deaf Periodical Index database, search periodicals and type in your keywords. You will see citations that give you the month/year of the journal where you can find the articles. Explore the online American Annals of the Deaf. Click search in this collection and type in either month and year or keywords.  Look for the month and year you are looking for and you can read, download, and/or print the article. We also have the American Annals of the Deaf in Archives if you prefer to look at the print version. The volumes cannot leave the archives, and you can scan or print out the article. 

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