NENG 232 Bridge to College English II (Ide): Social Media-Search Example


Finding Encyclopedias & Books

Encyclopedias are a good place to start in order to get background info, brainstorm, and find topic ideas.When you do a search for an encyclopedia, type in topic AND encyclopedia. Social Media is a broad topic which includes Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, PinInterest, Wikipedia, text messaging, Instant messaging, Skype, Facetime, social networking, social software, community technologies, and the like.

Example: Social Media AND encyclopedia. Type in the keywords in the RIT Libraries Catalog. I found this encyclopedia, The Social Media Revolution which is an e-book and online. Try the Plunkett's Games, Apps, and Social Media e-book, Horizon Reports, and Pew Research Center for more ideas. Another encyclopedia is the Encyclopedia of Virtual Communities and Technologies.

Some encyclopedias are available on the 3rd and 4th floors and can be checked out. Others are on the 1st floor and cannot be checked out. Use the RIT Libraries Catalog below to find encyclopedias and books on your chosen topic.Another keyword you can use in addition to social media is online social networks.When looking for books, try the subject or keyword search.

Search the Library Catalog

After searching the RIT Libraries Catalog, if you cannot find what you need from our collection, look at the right side column and click on Connect NY. You can borrow books for free from university libraries in NY state.

What does MORE do for me?

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Check to see if we have the full text of your item whenever you see the MORE button! If a copy is not automatically found, an option to submit an order for the full text will appear! Click the button now to see what happens!

Finding Database Articles: Start Here

Check out PBS videos.

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