NENG 232 Bridge to College English II (Ide): Topic Development

Topic Development

Topic development involves thinking about what aspect and perspective you will emphasize and helps you to focus your research. Use these aspects to help you broaden or narrow your topic. For example, do you want to emphasize these aspects? Which ones? 

1-Ethical, moral, philosophical, legal, religious

2-Psychological, emotional, intellectual, mental, educational

3-Medical, health, biological, physical, environmental

4-Scientific and technological (any discipline)

5-Historical, revolutions

6-Cultural, sociological, anthropological

7-Financial, business

8-Language, linguistics


10-Arts, beauty, aesthetics

You also need to think about these topic aspects: 

1--Location-home, school, factory, hospital, city, state, country, whole, urban, rural, geography

2-Time--present, past, future, time period, century, war (Civil War, 1920s, 18th century, Iron Age)

3--Event or aspect-government regulations related to cloning, Battle of the Bulge in WW II

4-Population -- age, race, gender, nationality, occupation, ethnic group, animals, animal species, humans

5-Person or Group-college students, international students, Democrats, Republicans


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