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Accessing O'Reilly for Higher Education at RIT: Viewing and Sharing Content

Last Updated: Oct 18, 2021 12:28 PM

Viewing Content

First, find the content you want.  OHE is fully searchable - use the search box at the top left of the Home screen.

Individual books available through the OHE platform will also be cataloged in the RIT Libraries Catalog and Summon.

You can also browse OHE by topic by opening the Explore menu on the left side of the home screen. 

You can also include your specific learning interests in your O'Reilly profile to receive content recommendations.

Though books make up the majority of OHE content, there are many other content types available.  Use the guides below to learn more about using each content type found on the OHE platform (guides are provided by ProQuest).

Sharing Content

The easiest way to share content from O'Reilly is to add it to a playlist.  Playlists can be private, shared with all RIT users, or shared publicly with all O'Reilly users.  Click the Playlists link from your profile in the upper right corner.

There are two tabs on the Playlists page.  Your Playlists is where you access any playlists you created.  The Discover tab is used to find shared RIT playlists and to explore curated Expert Playlists. 

Use the guides below to learn more about using Playlists and browsing Expert Playlists (Guides are provided by ProQuest).

Sharing content to myCourses

If you do not wish to create a playlist that can be viewed by all RIT users, you can post links from the RIT Libraries Catalog to your myCourses shell.  Content from OHE is cataloged, and the catalog record contains a link to access the content in OHE.

Direct linking instructions

Did you copy and paste a link to an OHE item directly from your browser?  It is still possible to share this with other RIT users, but they will have to sign in manually.

From a direct link, click the blue SIGN IN button at the top right.  Then you will be prompted to enter an email address.  If you enter your RIT email address, this will route you to RIT's Single Sign-On screen, where you can then enter your RIT credentials.

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