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Paste Papers in the Book Arts: Welcome!

This guide helps users understand the process of decorating papers using the paste paper technique, and provides visual resources from the Cary Graphic Arts Collection.

Welcome to learning about Paste Papers

Following are some resources to get you acquainted with paste paper educational materials. To begin, it's helpful to define the process:

Paste papers are decorative endpapers and cover papers produced by pressing or sliding objects into a wet paste or starch mixture that has been spread on the paper....The paste is usually colored with poster paints, dyes, colored inks, or the like, worked into the thinned paste. Paste papers, which were one of the earliest forms of decorative papers, were used for both cover papers and endpapers from the 16th through the 18th centuries, and are still used today.

“Paste Papers”, Bookbinding and the Conservation of Books; A Dictionary of Descriptive Terminology, Foundation for Advancement in Conservation, 2019. Accessed 02/01/2023.

Check out this book: The Art of Making Paste Papers

Watch the video: "What is Paste Paper and How to Make it"

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