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This guide was created to support research conducted by students enrolled in the course, Rhetoric of Health & Medicine, taught by Professor David Martins. This guide offers both scholarly and secondary research resources including academic journals that commonly publish RHM articles, and some that periodically do, and RHM websites and resources.

RHM applies rhetorical theory and methods to the study of health and medicine contexts. In this way, students in class will focus on how language and argument shape the cultural and global forces of health and illness, and consider the transnational circulation of medical knowledge by health care professionals, scientists, and nonscientists. Because we live in a society that relies on digital technology, the effect of digital communication on deliberation about health-related issues, arguments, and controversies will also also addressed.


   Professor David Martins

    Email: dsmgla@rit.edu

    Office: LBR 3104


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