Sign Language Poetry: Online Videos

This guide points to resources about international sign language poetry and literature.

Finding Online Videos

Selected YouTube videos from international and national sign language artists are posted. Dangerous Signs is a sign language troupe at NTID. These videos were selected for its quality in sign artistry. Note that the video The Stars are the Map I Unfurl video has creative typography (kinetic typography) that mimics the verb movement of the hands and poem. Check out the video-based Journal of ASL and Literature and ASL SLAM.

The Sorenson 2016 calendar focuses on Deaf Sign Language Poets and Storytellers, and there are online videos of performers. The following individuals are featured: Nathie Marbury, Ben Bahan, Cassie Simmons, Eric Malzkuhn, Douglas Ridloff, Colin Analco, Clayton Valli, Ian Sanborn, Ben Jarashow, Patrick Graybill, Rose Ann Goodman, Mario Herandez, Ella Mae Lentz, and Dorothy Miles. Check out this documentary about Dorothy Miles.

Below is the Heart of the Hydrogen Jukebox video created by Miriam Lerner. Check out her interview.

The Stars are the Map I Unfurl

This is an excerpt of a BSL poem by Gary Quinn, celebrating the 1st Deaf yachtsman to make a trip around the world, Gerry Hughes.

Firework (Kate Perry) in ASL by Jason Listman

Groei (Dutch Poem 30 second clip)

Caterpillar by Ian Sanborn

Dangerous Signs: A Negro Speaks of Rivers

Fire (Dutch Poem 30 second clip)

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