Sign Language Poetry: Websites

This guide points to resources about international sign language poetry and literature.

Search for Sign Language Poetry Using Google Tools

 Sometimes it is helpful to search Google Books to find more information on this topic. Google Scholar is also helpful. If we have the database article, it will show up as an RIT Library link and you can read the article. Sometimes we do not have the article, but you can request it for free via our Interlibrary Loan Services. Set your library preferences in Google Scholar and check off RIT so you can access our database articles when using Google Scholar.The general Google search may lead to interesting finds related to this topic, particularly YouTube videos. 

Google Web Search
Google Book Search
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Sign Language Poets

Some poets you may want to research are listed below. You can use the Gallaudet Deaf Biography database to find more information about some of these poets. Click on "search by keyword" and type in last name, first name.

American Sign Language Poets
Colin Analco
Bernard Bragg
Aneta Brodski
Peter Cook/Kenny Lerner
Eric Epstein
Patrick Graybill
Ella Mae Lentz
Eric Malzkuhn
Dorothy Miles
Robert Panara
Jeremy Quiroga

Rezenet Moges-Riedel

Debbie Rennie
Douglas Ridloff
Ian Sanborn
Rosa Lee Timm
Eddie Swayze
Clayton Valli

UK Sign Language Poets
Richard Carter
Dorothy Miles
Gary Quinn
Paul Scott
Donna Williams
John Wilson

Australia Sign Language Poet
Walter Kadiki

Brazilian Sign Language Poet
Fernanda de Araugo Machado.

Dutch Sign Language Poets
Wim Emmerik
Giselle Meyer

Italian Sign Language Poets
Rosaria Giuranna and Giuseppe Giuranna

Swiss Sign Language Poet
Rolf Lanicca

Dorothy Miles

Poets of Color

Poets of color are listed here. Some write English poetry, some sign poetry, and some create in both languages. If other poets of color should be listed, please get in touch. Thank you to Fred Beam and Jill Bradbury for sharing this information.

Elyane King 
Irvine Stewart
Kristi Merriweather
Rosa Lee Timm (apparently has published some poetry)
Ayisha Knight-Shaw
Earl Terry
Fred Beam
Teraca Florence
Sho Roc (Keith Brown – songwriter)

Eddie Swayze Videos

"Interpreter" YouTube video

"Fragile Earth" You Tube video

"Hades Ocean" You Tube video

"Song of the Journey" with Dangerous Signs (Facebook)

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