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Zotero: Connecting to Resources

Zotero is a reference management tool that helps you to organize your references

Use Zotero to connect to RIT subscribed resources

You can configure Zotero to help you access subscribed library resources such as journal articles and e-books.  These are advanced features of Zotero but could prove very useful for conducting library research from off campus.

Configure proxy settings

The Zotero Connector for the Chrome and Firefox browsers allows you to configure proxy access to subscribed library resources.  The RIT Libraries uses EZ Proxy to connect you to our subscribed resources from off campus. 

If you authenticate by proxy to one of our subscribed resources from a browser with the Zotero Connector installed, you will be notified that a proxy has been detected and prompted to configure it.

Use the Zotero Connector Preferences if you want to customize your settings:

Configure OpenURL resolver

You've probably seen the yellow MORE button in some article databases that allows you to locate the full text of an article online. Zotero Allows you to use the same feature.

To set up Zotero to access the MORE server (which is known as an OpenURL resolver), open the Zotero Edit menu and choose Preferences. In General tab of the Advanced settings in your Preferences, paste this URL into the "Resolver" box.

Then click OK. Once you've set this up, you can click the locate button on any citation you are viewing to search for an item online.

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