19th-20th Century Deaf Rochester History: Notable Deaf Rochesterians


Notable Deaf Rochesterians

Typewritten list of RSD students' names that attended RIT before NTID was established.

Sarah Adams was an artist who taught at a hearing private school in Connecticut.

Rochester Mechanics Institute (RIT)

William Smith - Graduated 1886. Drew freehand

Ziao Fong Hsia - Graduated 1921. He came from China and entered RSD as a youngster.

Joseph Ledden - Graduated 1923. Knew Magic tricks

Robert Brown

Claude Samuelson-1920

Vera Spallone - Graduated 1937. Studied Home Ec and Dress Construction

University of Rochester

Clayton L. McLaughlin

Lawrence Samuelson

Raymond Dunn

Fred Rossner

Huber Whitlock

Floyd DeWitt

Jessie Ramsay

Helen Fay

Dorris Myers

Other Institutions

Gallaudet College--Philip H. Brown, H. Earl Wilson, Matthew Rozboril, Rosa Halpen

Rochester Business College--George Sparks

Alfred University--Desmond Parker

Clarkson College of Technology--C. Friend Stafford

Cornell University--Darwin Culvier; C. Huber Whitlock

De Lancey Divinity School (Buffalo, NY)--C. Allan Dunham

Washington Missionary College (Takoma Park, MD)--Elmer P. Davis

William Smith College--Marian Ross

University of Syracuse--Albert Davis

University of Buffalo--Alford Crosy

Rochester Theological Seminary--Prof. of Church History Walter Rauschenbusch-lost hearing as a young man

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