ANTH 210 Globalization and Culture: Is it real or fake? What to look for...

Look for...

Trying to figure out if a story is real or fake? These questions can help you get to the bottom of things.

  • Who is the owner of the newspaper or news site aka the publisher?
  • What are the values, mission or purpose of the publication? Look at the ABOUT US section. If a US publication check ASNE.
  • What are the credentials of the author?
  • Who is the author? A reporter, an opinion writer, a guest writer? Other?
  • Are there facts? Can you verify the facts?
  • Does the story interview experts?
  • Does the story interview witnesses?
  • How is the story framed?
  • Can you find this story reported in other reputable sources?

Questions developed by Jennifer Freer and Lara Nicosia

Coronavirus Misinformation: Who Can You Trust?

On January 26th, the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Company) broadcast a reflective story which gave an overview of misinformation surrounding the coronavirus outbreak. The story includes examples of information spreading on social media that cannot be verified, a comparison of media during the SARS outbreak, a discussion with a medical professional and the complications of global communications.

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