Black Deaf Resources: Introduction


There are Black Deaf experts at NTID--there are many more than what I listed here, but it is a start and you can contact them to get more information about other Black Deaf people. 

Joseph Hill--he has gathered many Black Deaf resources on his website. Check it out! He is also involved with Black ASL studies.  Check out the Facebook Black ASL page. 

Alesia Allen--she is the NTID Diversity and Inclusion director. Check out the website! 

Check out the Black Deaf Center and Black Deaf Culture Through the Lens of Deaf History. Other information that may be of interest is the 2019 report with data re: Black Deaf Students' achievement in postsecondary schools. Also, there is a recent article from Inside Higher Education, "Building Up the Black Deaf Student Community".

This information is from the website of the National Black Deaf Advocates and is a great start to learning more about Black Deaf people and their unique culture. 

Notable Black Deaf Heroes & Sheroes

  • Andrew Foster, Father of Deaf Education in Africa
  • Linwood Smith, Pioneer of Mental Health Service for Deaf People
  • Dr. Glenn B. Anderson, First Deaf African-American with Ph.D.
  • Dr. Shirley Allen, First Deaf African-American Female with Ph.D.
  • Roger D. O'Kelly, First Deaf African-American Lawyer
  • Claudia Gordon, First Deaf Female African-American Lawyer

Notable Black Deaf Artists & Performers

  • Michelle Banks, Actress
  • Evon Black, Comedian/Entertainer
  • Kamau Buchanan, Filmmaker
  • CJ Jones, Internationally Known Deaf Comedian
  • Nathie Marbury, Comedian/Entertainer
  • Darius McCall, Musician
  • Joseph Sarpy, First Known Black Deaf Actor & First to Join the National Theatre of the Deaf
  • Michael Spady, Actor
  • Wawa Snipe, Entertainer
  • Aarron Loggins, Musician
  • Shawn Richardson, Cartoonist
  • Antoine Hunter, Performer

Notable Black Deaf Americans at Gallaudet University

  • Andrew Foster, First Black Deaf to Graduate from Gallaudet, 1954
  • Ida Grey Hampton, First Black Deaf Female to Graduate from Gallaudet, 1957
  • Dr. Ernest Hairston, First Black Deaf to Earn His Ph.D. from Gallaudet, 1994
  • Darius McCall, First Black Deaf President of Student Body Government, 2002
  • Angela McCaskill, First Black Deaf Female to Earn Her Ph.D. from Gallaudet, 2004
  • Katie Brown, Former Member of Board of Trustees
  • Charles V. Williams, Former Member of Board of Trustees
  • Dr. Glenn B. Anderson, Former Member and Chair of Board of Trustees
  • Pamela Lloyd-Ogoke, Member of Board of Trustees
  • Claudia Gordon, Member of Board of Trustees
  • Duane Halliburton, Member of Board of Trustees

Notable Black Deaf Americans with Ph.D.s

  • Dr. Glenn Anderson, New York University, 1982
  • Dr. Ernest Hairston, Gallaudet University, 1994
  • Dr. Reginald Redding, Gallaudet University 1995
  • Dr. Laurene Simms, University of Arizona, 2000
  • Dr. Angela McCaskill & Dr. Carolyn McCaskill (Deaf Sisters with Ph.D.s at Gallaudet University, 2004 & 2005 Respectively)
  • Dr. Nathie Marbury, Lamar University, 2007
  • Dr. Joseph Hill, Gallaudet University

Notable Black Deaf Americans in Professional Sports

  • Kenny Walker, Football Player, Played in NFL 1991-1993
  • Curtis Pride, Baseball Player, Played in MLB 1993-2006
  • Kevin Hall, Current Professional Golfer
  • Eugene “Silent” Hairston, Boxer, Boxed in 1950s
  • Tamika Catchings, Women’s Basketball Player, Current Playing in WNBA
  • Derrick Coleman, Current NFL Football Player (Seattle Seahawks)

Notable Former Schools for the Black Deaf

  • The North Carolina State School for the Colored Deaf and Blind (1867)
  • Maryland School for the Colored Blind and Deaf (1872)
  • Georgia School for the Negro Deaf (1882)
  • Alabama School for Negro Deaf and Blind (1891)
  • Southern School for the Negro Deaf (Baton Rouge, LA - 1938)

Notable Black Deaf Authors

  • Connie Briscoe
  • Mary Herring Wright
  • Dr. Glenn B. Anderson
  • Dr. Ernest Hairston
  • Dr. Carolyn McCaskill
  • Linwood Smith

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