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Live or Face-to-Face Classes: Deaf Tips: Before & During: Whiteboard and Slides

Before: Getting Ready Meeting-Whiteboard

Whiteboard and Markers

Be aware of color-blind issues. Use new black markers for the safest option. It may be difficult for color-blind people to see red, green, blue, and yellow. Be aware that color-blind and low vision users have individual variations and different preferences re: colors and background. Use strong contrast to the background, so black ink on white background may be the safest option.

Whiteboard—Challenge of a professor using a whiteboard in the room

  • handwriting issues-prefer print not cursive
  • too small handwriting
  • squeezing in words at the end of the sentence
  • using dry markers, making it hard to see the writing


Use a laser or a stick pointer to help focus attention on slides

Both PowerPoint and Google slides have captioning features


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