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Live or Face-to-Face Classes: Deaf Tips: Coronavirus Impact (Masks, Social Distancing)


Coronavirus Impact (Masks, Social Distancing)

Coronavirus Impact

If this situation occurs again, and we revert to mask use. Be aware of changes that affect message access:

     -Social Distancing

                - Interpreter distant from speaker, from visuals

                 -Deaf participants have to look back and forth

                 -Visual tracking demands increased

                 -Most speakers don't leave process/lag time          


                  -Covers half the face

                            -Affects comprehension for all (muffled speech)

                             -ASL grammar is based on face visibility

                             -Mouth, eye gaze, eye brows, head tilts, shoulder movements

                             -The affect depends on face visibility

                                          -Use clear mask (tie and use lens cleaner or soap to clean the clear window panel)

                                                     -NTID uses BendShape clear anti-fog masks. They come in sizes from XS to L. 


                             -Consecutive Interpreting, mixed into simultaneous interpreting

                             -Interpreter and Deaf Participant could approach Speaker to educate and negotiate
                              "pauses". Presenter speaks, pauses, interpreter summarizes

                                          -pauses from micro to more, depends on the situation and persons

                                          -must educate all involved, including interpreters


                                          -must negotiate with DAS (DHH can request, in addition to interpreter given
                                                         unusual access issues)

                                        -Hybrid Classes

                                                       -consider hosting a hybrid class (combo of live and Zoom class) 

                                                       -has built-in transcription tool (prone to errors)

                                           -can record to the cloud and receive recording with transcript



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