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Business Faculty Guide: Books

Business Books

The library's book collection is a mix of print and e-books. The preferred format for new book purchases is e-book when available at a reasonable cost. E-books increase the availability of library physical space. E-books also provide greater access to more patrons especially those studying online or at global campuses.

Not every book is available as an e-book. In addition print books will also be bought if that is a preferred method for items needed for research. Print books will also be bought if e-book restrictions or costs make course use untenable.

E-books vary in usage restrictions so check with the library before assigning one for course reading. Restrictions can included number of users who can view a book at the same time or books that allow view only vs partial download. Restrictions can even vary within the same e-book platform due to unique publisher restrictions.

Publishers will also withdraw e-books from platforms for many reasons and at any time.

Let your library liaison know what books you are assigning each semester and we can let you know if we get a withdrawal notice. You can also let us know after the fact if you discover an e-book is no longer available and we will see if we can buy a print copy for print Reserve. Due to supply chain issues even with Amazon print books orders can sometime take weeks to obtain.

Please let us know about books you would like added to the collection for your research or you think would be a good fit for our collection. Because books are one time purchases usually they can be the easiest type of item to buy for the library.

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