MTSE 601 Introduction to Materials Science: Outline your search strategy

This guide is for chemistry material science first year graduate students.. Its purpose is to link students to free library services, specific subject resource database and tips about successully completing the course and their graduate level research.

Mapping out or Framing your project question example

Before you begin typing, think about how to frame your search for better search output results.

Guide your search using the following example questions.  This will help you narrow down or expand your research process when seeking specific information as well in selecting appropriate library resources and websites for answers.

  • What         What are you researching? 
    • Does it involve physics, math, chemistry, medicine, health, biology, etc.
    • Does it involve technology, instrumentation
    • Does it involve statistics, charts, datasets, formulas, images. etc.
  • Who          Does it involve people, a person , a company , a country or an organization?
  • Where        Does your topic involve interior environments or exterior environments or both?

   Are you looking for USA or International research or both?

  • How         Are you researching a method, protocol or theory? 

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