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NUTR 100 NUTR 333 NUTR 560 Dietetics, Nutrition , Health: Frame your keyword search

Core resources and introduction for undergrad and grad nutrition students

FRAME YOUR SEARCH BEFORE U BEGIN- 1.Search strategy, 2. Search fields/filters

  • To filter out bias and error in scholarly publications, a reseach process called Evidence Based Nutrition (EBN ) is now used to ensure the application of appropriate clinical decisions in the nutrition fields.
  • The medical field was the first to implement this type of  research process which they call Evidence Based Medicine(EBM).
  • The medical field uses the PICO method to help researchers frame their thought processes during a search: 
  • PICO stands for  (Population; Intervention; Comparison; Outcome) (source:
  • PATIENT/PROBLEM - What are the characteristics of the patient or population or problem?
  • INTERVENTION - What do you want to do with this patient or population or problem?
  • COMPARISON - What are the alternatives to consider?
  • OUTCOME - What are you trying to accomplish, measure, improve or affect?
  • Are you looking for therapy (treatment), Diagnosis, Harm/Etiology (identify causes for disease) , Prognosis (estimate patient's clinical course), Prevention?
  • What Type of Study are you looking for Primary - original research,  Random Controlled Trials (RCT) , cohort study, Systematic reviews, etc.? 

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