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NUTR 402 Dietetic Environment NUTR 333: Techniques of Dietetic Education: 1 Continuation: Research & citing


Takeaway: Multiple search choices

You have many options to search for information while at RIT and in your profession work environment:

  1. GoogleScholar with library app called More@RIT
  2. Summon which is the library's webpage search box . Look for the yellow MORE library app
  3. Library catalog
  4. Library journal listing
  5. Specific databases: Pubmed, Web of Science, ScienceDirect, etc.

Takeaway: Best type of article to retrieve

  1. original research article (Primary source)
  2. **dataset journal article (original data only)
  3. systematic reviewed journal articles
  4. meta-analysis reviewed journal articles
  5. Random controlled trials (RCT)             ( Pubmed/Medline, Cochrane databases)

Question: MANY CITING FORMATS: What do they all have in common?

Example GoogleScholar Keyword sets:

  • zinc and nutrition "systematic review"
  • zinc and nutrition "meta analysis"


Zinc diet and Alzheimer's disease: a systematic review

M Loef, N von Stillfried, H Walach - Nutritional neuroscience, 2012 - Taylor & Francis

Objectives This paper reviews evidence of an association between zinc (Zn) nutrition and

Alzheimer's disease (AD) or age-associated cognitive decline. The involvement of zinc in the

pathology of AD has been reported hundreds of times. It is, however, still a matter of debate …

    ''  Cited by 54 Related articles All 3 versions


Zinc and the common cold: a meta-analysis revisited

JL Jackson, E Lesho, C Peterson - The Journal of nutrition, 2000 - academic.oup.com

The common cold has been estimated to cost the United States> $3.5 billion per year.

Despite several randomized clinical trials, the effect of treating colds with zinc gluconate

remains uncertain due to conflicting results. We conducted a meta-analysis of published …

  ''  Cited by 144 Related articles All 6 versions


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