IMGS 181 - 01 Innovative Freshman Experience: Agenda, Class discussions

This guide has been developed to support your imaging science system building projects.



  1. Discuss what type of information is needed while developing the imaging system
  2. Mapping or framing your questions to access the appropriate information
  3. What Library services, library resources , tools and library point of contact you should be aware of

Mapping out or Framing your project question example

Project: develop an imaging system to determine the ripeness of fruit.

What/Who/Where/How questions from a non farmer/non engineer:

  1. Which fruit was selected? 
  2. Which similar fruit can be researched as an alternative?
  3. Do all fruit ripen the same way?
  4. Indoor or Outdoor ripening?organic normal ripening or influenced by chemicals/atmosphere?
  5. What triggers the ripening of a fruit?
  6. do the vines or leaves influence the ripening?
  7. do birds or other organisms impact or signal ripening?
  8. do I need agricultural measurements information?
  9. do I need statistics?, graphics?, tables?
  10. do I need geographic information?
  11. do I need soil information?
  12. do I need weather information
  13. do I need engineering information?
  14. do I need chemical information? chemical structure? background information
  15. websites?, reference books?,unfamiliar word definitions e;. climacteric versus non climacteric fruit
  16. Are there patents of similar systems?
  17. Are there standards on how to build or measure/
  18. Are the employees trained or is it based on experience/assumption?
  19. only one person at a time examines the row of fruit or is their a followup
  20. What is the purpose of the fruit ripeness imaging system? What are the existing problems? costs? transportation/storage of system

There is nothing worse than developing a product that looks great but is not user friendly and cost effective and saves time.  Time is money in the business world.

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