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Thesis and Dissertation FAQ


Why do I need to provide an abstract of my work?

An abstract provides those reading your work with a brief overview of your research topic, findings and conclusions. This is a standard practice in academia, and mandated for publishing in scholarly journals and conference proceedings. RIT requires that you follow this practice.

Why can’t I single-space my text, and why can’t I print my work on both sides of the page?

Standard scholarly publishing practices require 1.5 or double-spacing of text and the use of only one side of a page in order to accommodate peer review and editing processes, and for ease in reproducing the text.


Submission to RIT Scholar Works

Why is an electronic version of my thesis/dissertation placed in RIT Scholar Works?

RIT supports open access to all RIT scholarship, including graduate theses and dissertations. Your work will be preserved permanently in digital form. Each thesis/dissertation is assigned a persistent URL for consistent citation purposes, and is searchable via the Web, making it easily accessible to other scholars, students and future employers.

How do I submit my thesis/dissertation to RIT Scholar Works?

Once you have submitted your electronic version of your thesis/dissertation to ProQuest, a library staff member retrieves your work from ProQuest, and submits it to RIT Scholar Works for you, at no additional cost.



Should I file for copyright?

Your work is automatically copyrighted once written.  If you wish to add another layer of protection, you may register your work with the U.S. Copyright Office directly. There are fees associated with this service.  You also have the option for ProQuest to file for copyright with the U.S. Copyright Office on your behalf for a $55 fee.  More information on copyrights can be found here

My address has changed since I had the copyright of my thesis/dissertation registered with the U.S. Copyright Office (either directly or through ProQuest.) What do I need to do to have my information updated with the U.S. Copyright Office?

Contact the U.S. Copyright Office directly by phone 202-707-6787, fax 202-252-3519 or email .


Print Copies and Binding

Can the library staff make copies of my thesis/dissertation for me?

No, the library staff does not provide this service. You are responsible for making all copies of your thesis/dissertation that will be sent to the bindery.

What do I do if my thesis/dissertation is not printed on 8 ½ x 11 inch paper?

If your thesis/dissertation is either smaller than or exceeds the dimensions of 8 ½ x 11 inches, and/or is more than 2 ½ inches thick OR is in the form of a special project please contact Thesis Binding staff before you pay for binding in case extra fees are required.

If I have accompanying materials, such as slides, CD-ROMs, DVDs, etc., do I have to include them with my thesis/dissertation?

You must provide a copy of the accompanying material for each departmental copy and personal copy you would like bound. All copies of the accompanying material should be properly labeled (with the title, author’s name and date). If you are including slides, please provide preservation sheets along with your thesis/dissertation. The library will provide adhesive pockets for accompanying CD-ROMS.

The title of my thesis/dissertation is very long. Will the entire title be printed on my additional bound copies?

If your title is long, but your thesis has a thickness of ½ inch or more, it may be possible for your entire title to be printed. However, if the thickness of your thesis is less than a ½ inch, the bindery will shorten your title with an ellipses. You may provide a shorter, alternate title for the binding only. You will not need to re-create your title page.

My name and/or title contain special characters or symbols (i.e. accents, formulas, etc.). Can this be printed on my bound copies?

In many instances, the bindery has been able to accommodate special characters and symbols. It is strongly suggested that you contact the thesis binding staff if you are unsure so that they can inquire directly to the bindery.

Do my personal and departmental copies need to be bound through the RIT Libraries?

No.  Although the library’s service is very inexpensive and conveniently located on campus, you are allowed to have personal and departmental copies bound elsewhere.

What does the bound copy of my thesis/dissertation look like?

All RIT theses and dissertations are bound in black buckram cloth, with gold lettering on the spine.

How long does it take for my thesis/dissertation to be bound?

The normal bindery cycle is once per month. The time needed to bind your copies depends on the time of their receipt at the library. If your thesis/dissertation copies are dropped off a few days prior to pick-up, your copies will be in process for a little over four weeks. If you drop them off just after a pickup, they will be in process nearly eight weeks. Please contact the Thesis Binding Staff for specific dates to drop off or pick up copies if you plan to leave the area AND want to receive your bound copies before you depart.

Can I designate someone to drop-off copies for me?

Yes. Although the Thesis Binding Staff prefers that you drop off your own copies, we understand that there are circumstances where that becomes impossible. You may certainly designate a friend, family member, faculty advisor, staff assistant, etc. to come to the Thesis Binding Office on your behalf. Please make sure that your designee has all the appropriate information needed for proper binding of your copies and that you have placed an order for binding PRIOR to your designee's drop-off appointment.

Can my bound personal copies be shipped to me?

No, the Thesis Binding Staff is unable to provide this service. If you are unable to pick up your personal copies yourself, please arrange for another person to pick them up and deliver them to you, or make arrangements with your department to do so.


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