CLRS 890 Color Science graduate research, CLRS 750 /751 Historical Research: Scholarly, peer reviewed, CRAAP

Designed for new Color Science graduate students. including Historical Perspectives course

More now than ever you have to pay attention to what you retrieve

 REMEMBER THE CRAAP doubleccheck methods as you search  websites, or retrieve data and articles.

Look for :

  • Currency,
  • Relevance,
  • Authority,
  • Accuracy,
  • and Purpose.

A scholarly journal article has an abstract, introduction, method, results, conclusion and a list of references (bibliography).  The journal article's topic should be easy to understand as you read its abstract and introduction.  The method, results and conclusion sections discuss and compare the conducted research.  Authors have to include their cited references about research by other scientists. The use of references distinguish scholarly journal articles from non scholarly journals.

What a Scholarly Article Looks Like

Click on the image to review different parts of a scholarly article.

Do you trust what you see? Fake data, fake authors, fake conferences

  • How to Spot Fake News

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