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CLRS 498 Color Science Independent Study: Need help ?

Designed for both undergraduates and graduates including visting summer students working on the biological underpinnings of cognition, delving into the science of the brain to understand the mental processes behind cognition and perception, particularly v

Need Help?





Research Topic: Cross-modal interactions on behavioral responses e.g. eye movement and brain activity

Provided Keywords:

multisensory/multimodal interaction

crossmodal correspondence

virtual/mixed reality


eye tracking


Class Output:  Most of you will be creating a video submission for the RIT Undergraduate  research symposium

6/8/21 Class Coverage

  1. Reminders:IDS, Library services, MORE,MORE@RIT library apps
  2. Conversation. Do you trust the accuracy and currency of the information you find?,Research sources, search strategy guide, example research sources

Always feel free to contact me at aabwml@rit.edu.

 Here is my calendar to select a day and time for a zoom meeting: https://rit.libcal.com/appointments?u=60948



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