Audism and Deaf-Gain: Papers & Dissertations

This guide points to resources about Audism and Deaf-Gain

Finding Papers and Dissertations

A book cover with orange font Deaf Gain with a light peach background and small black and white photos of people. Use keywords like "deaf way", deafhood,  "deaf space", "deaf culture" or audism, oralism, "Alexander Graham Bell", Milan, "George Veditz"  to find relevant works.

You will need the title of the book to locate the book by using the RIT Libraries Catalog. You will need the periodical or journal-title to locate the journal article by using the Journal Finder.

The Proquest Dissertations and Theses database will retrieve full-text papers. Use keywords like audism, "hearing privilege",  "deaf gain", "deaf culture" or "deaf way" and narrow to abstract or anywhere except full text to get the best results.

Tip: Use the bibliography or references at the end of the papers to find more works. 

Proquest Dissertations Database

Click on the image to get to this database. You can access full-text scholarly dissertations and theses online using this database. You can email, download and save it to any of your drives. These are similar to book length in pages (hundreds of pages). Use keywords like "deaf gain", "deaf way", or "deaf culture". If interested in audism topics, use the keyword audism, "hearing privilege*, "deaf AND discrimination", or "deaf AND civil rights" and narrow to abstract or anywhere except full text to get the best results (note this field on the right side of the search box).

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