Audism and Deaf-Gain: Reference Works & Books

This guide points to resources about Audism and Deaf-Gain

Finding Encyclopedias & Books

This is a medium blue book cover of the gold-lettered title, Gallaudet Encyclopedia of Deaf People and Deafness. In the upper right hand corner there is a blue logo of deafness (ear outline with a bar across the ear) against a black background. Gallaudet Encyclopedia and The Sage Deaf Studies Encyclopedia provide background information about Deaf Culture which can help you find topic ideas. There are also books offering in-depth scholarly analyses of Audism and Deaf-Gain. Use the RIT Libraries Catalog to find more books on this topic.

Use the keywords audism or "discrimination AND deaf", "oppression AND deaf" or "deaf AND civil rights".  If interested in language issues, use the keywords, oralism, "George Veditz", Milan and deaf, or "Alexander Graham Bell" and deaf Tove Skutnabb-Kangas writes about linguism and linguicide. Use the keywords "deaf culture", "deaf way", "deafspace" or Deafhood to find Deaf-Gain concepts

Deaf people express their experiences of Audism and Deaf-Gain through Prose and PoetrySign Language Poetry and LiteratureDramaCinema, and Visual Arts.

Tip: Use the bibliography at the end of the book chapters or encyclopedia articles to find more works. 

Audism Title Examples


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Interlibrary Loan: Books

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Deaf-Gain Title Examples

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