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Find resources related to Deaf People during the WW II years.

Online Articles from Deaf People and WW II Website

Online articles are available via the website, Deaf People and WWII . We also have some of these in print format. Click on the title of the magazine to locate it in the library or check out the collected articles OVER collection, D804.5.H35 D4.

Sample Articles

Deaf American and NADmag (Check out the Silent Worker for more articles).
Beck, Ellen. "Eugene Bergman: Deaf Survivor." Deaf American 35.3 (1982): 46.
Gill, Ernest. "Horst Biesold: Helping the Survivors." Deaf American 35.8 (1983): 78.
"John A. DeLance: Alaskan Scout." Deaf American Mar. 1976: 45.
Kannapell, Barbara. "The Forgotten Americans Deaf War Plant Workers During World War II." NADmag A Publication of the National Association of the Deaf (2002): 20.
During the 50th anniversary of World War II celebrations from 1991 to 1995, the contributions of deaf people, minorities, and women were ignored. The only project to illustrate the contributions of minorities during the war were documentaries of African Americans, Native Americans and women pilots during World War II for the anniversary.

Deaf History Journal
Conway, Gail, I REMEMBER  The World War 2: A BBC See Hear! Production. Deaf History Journal, 8.3 (April 2005): 29.
Galliner, Nicola. Open Your Hands for the Dumb: The History of the Jewish School for the Deaf and Dumb in Berlin-Weissensee 1873-1942. Deaf History Journal, 4:3 (April 2001): 36-39.
Hart, Jack, A Brief History of Jewish Deaf Children Evacuated during the Second World War between 1939/1946.  Deaf History Journal Supplement, VI  (April 2000): 9-16.
Marsh, Christopher and Anthony Boyce.  60th Anniversary of Victory in Europe Day. Deaf History Journal, 9:1 (August 2005): 21-25.
Scarrot, Rachel, "My Experiences of Filming 'Life Unworthy of Life' for BBC's See Hear!Deaf History Journal, 7:3 (April 2004): 38-40.
Stone, Emma, "Life Unworthy of Life: Experiences of Deaf People in Nazi Germany.Deaf History Journal, 7:3 (April 2004): 41-42.

Gallaudet Today
Crying Hands. Spec. issue of Gallaudet Today 18.2 (Summer 1987).
Includes the following articles: "Inside the Madness: A Deaf Survivor Remembers the Holocaust" and in der nacht" by Vickie Walter.
Deaf People in Hitler's Europe. Spec. issue of Gallaudet Today 29.1 (Fall 1998).
Includes article "Deaf People in Hitler's Europe" by Laura Jean Gilbert, "Stories of Survival" by Lynne McConnell and "An Open Letter from Marla Petal to Gallaudet Uiversity and U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum" by Marla Peta.

Sample Articles

"Escaped at Last Through An Underground Tunnel: Joseph Schertz." JDCC News: Surviving the Holocaust. 2005. Jewish Deaf Community Center.
History of Deaf Holocaust Victims. 2005. Jewish Deaf Community Center. 24 Mar. 2006. Published in issue #22 May/June 1996.
"Love Conquered All Odds:Rose Steinberg and Feld Rosman ." JDCC News: Surviving the Holocaust.. 2005. Jewish Deaf Community Center.
"Saw Better Opportunities In America: Doris Rosen Fedrid and Esther Rosen Landman." JDCC News: Surviving the Holocaust. 2005. Jewish Deaf Community Center
Soudakoff, Sharon Ann. "Anti-Semitism Sent Him To America: Fred Fedrid." JDCCNews: Surviving The Holocaust.
2005. Jewish Deaf Community Center.
"A Strong Willed and Brave Woman Who Never Gave Up Hope: Marion Schlessinger Intrator." JDCC News: Surviving the Holocaust. 2005. Jewish Deaf Community Center.
"Survivors." JDCC News.  2002.

NTID Focus
Bohlman, Lynne. "Images of Darkness, Flickers of Light." NTID Focus (Fall 1989):2223.

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