Deaf and World War II: European & Israel Online Videos

Find resources related to Deaf People during the WW II years.

European & Israel Online Videos

Most of these online videos are found on the Deaf People and WW II website and noted if they are in other websites. Click on the title to access the online videos.If you need to find a video offsite, this short video shows you how to request an offsite video (ie, building 99).  It takes a day or two for the DVD to be delivered to the Library Services Desk, where you can pick it up.

Yad Vashem Interviews of Survivors (Israel)

Franz Ehrenfeld
Also available as a DVD-R in Deaf Studies Archive, D804.196 .E47 2002  

Edith Frank Lobenberger
Also available as a DVD-R in Deaf Studies Archive, D804.196.L62 1991

Perl Lazaar

Zila Shemesh
Also available as  a DVD-R in Studies Archive, D804.196.S43 2002


Deaf Austrians and National Socialism
Also available as a DVD, Deaf Media and Deaf Studies Archive collections, HV2727.A3 D43 2009


The Deaf Holocaust: Deaf People and Nazi Germany
Clive Mason visits the killing centre of Hadamar to investigate the development and impact of the Nazi policy of enforced sterilisation and the murder of deaf and disabled people, which took place in Germany between 1933 and 1945. Members of the German deaf community, who are still living with the legacy of this brutal Nazi policy, tell their moving stories for the first time on television.From the UK, in English narration & Sign language.

Deaf Jewish Life in Germany 1940s
Available as a DVD-R only in the Deaf Media Collection, D804.196.Z38 2011
Mark Zaurov talks about the Deaf Jewish experience during the Holocaust (1939-1945) in Germany and Austria

Available as a DVD only from the Deaf Media and Deaf Studies Archive  collections, D804.196 .I64 2009.
The life story of Ingelore Herz Honigstein, a deaf German Jew who survived the Holocaust

Verkannte Menschen: ein Film aus dem Leben der Gehorlosen ( Misunderstood People).
Available as a DVD only from the Deaf Media and Deaf Studies Archive collections.
A documentary film about deaf people in Germany from 1932. The film depicts the experiences of deaf Germans in the early 1930s in school, at work, and in their everyday lives. It was first shown in 1932. In 1934 it was banned by the Reichsministerium für Volksauflklärung und Propaganda und Erziehung der Massen (Reich Ministry for Public Enlightenment and Propaganda and Education of the Masses) and many copies were destroyed

Five Needles (Germany)
Drama based on true events, about Deaf Jewish women who were kept in Nazi sewing factories during the Second World War. The women have five needles every day to sew with. In order to survive, they must keep them all intact, and avoid breaking all five. Can they maintain their concentration?

Drama Online Videos-10 min. clips

Hanna by Levent Beskardès (French)
Also available as a DVD-Deaf Media, HV2746 .H36 2002

Petrified Sorrow by Eduard Leuw (Dutch)
Also available as a DVD-Deaf Media and Deaf Studies Archive collections, DS135.N4 P49 2002

Motherland by Paula Garfield (UK)
Also available as a DVD, Deaf Media, PN1995.9.N36 M68 2004


Temoins Sourds, Temoins Silencieux (10 mins) (French)
Also available as a DVD, Deaf Media, HV2746 .T46 2000

Una Guera Senza Suoini (A War in Silence) (Italian)
Also available as a DVD, Reserve D811.L83 2006
Deaf Italian survivor recalls his childhood days during the war.


Anna's Silent Struggle
Available only as a DVD in the Reserve and Deaf Studies Archive collections, D804.196.A66 2008.
The survival of Anna Vos-van Dam, an 18 year old Belgian-Dutch deaf girl in Auschwitz, is a unique story. Anna was born in 1926 in Antwerp of originally Dutch parents and deported from the Belgium Nazi transit camp (Kazerne) in Mechelen to Auschwitz.. The film was shot on locations in Holland, Belgium and Poland. Anna’s ability to read lips was a vital tool during her struggle for survival. She survived not only because of tremendous luck but also because she had a highly developed intuition, a kind of "sixth sense."

United Kingdom

World War II: Unheard Memories
See Deaf people tell their previously hidden stories about living in wartime Britain in their own language. In the first episode, we discover what it felt like when war was declared, and find out what it was like to live during the Blitz.  In episode two, we find out about what it was like as the war progressed and eventually came to an end.


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