MEDS 425 Intro. to NeuroScience: Introduction


Before You Start: It helps to think it through

Research Topic: Any neuroscience topic related to your class discussion

Keyword selection: You may have to use alternative words,  synonyms . the author and databases dictate which keywords to index the journal articles so readers can find them

Keyword searching strategy:  Think before you type to save time

P         are you looking for neuroscience journal article involving a specific population or patient or  problem?

I           are you looking for a method or process used in the neuroscience field?

C          are you looking for articles that provide comparisons?

O         what type of outcome/output are you looking for in the articles you need to read?

  • Please note that there will be times where you will have to get the fulltext of an article from another university/college by using IDS the interlibrary loan department who will get journal articles from other libraries for you for free.

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