MEDS 361 Applied Psychophysiology and Self-Regulation.: Research Best Practices

Before You Start: It helps to think it through

Your class assignment: find "peer-reviewed published papers (clinical research and meta-analyses) in support of biological, social, and psychological interventions  for a wide range of medical problems. Craft an idealized and integrated biopsychosocial treatment plan for an individual with a given health condition."

  • The best research papers are those labeled research papers or data journal articles in databases. These type of papers provide the original research data. 
  • Systematically reviewed research papers are even better.  These are journal articles with original research data being reviewed again, to double check if published methods/data are repeatable and accurate.
  • The Cochrane group is one example of an organization that systematically reviews originally published research papers.  This is a slower process so your health condition may not be a topic found yet in the Cochrane Database. In that case use the Pubmed database and other library databases. 
  • When conducting a search with GoogleScholar or in a database you can combine  the words "systematic reviews" or "meta analysis" with your keywords, to refine your search results.

Where to search: library databases, use Google Scholar with Library's MORE/more@rit apps,  Summon-Library webpage search box

Keyword selection: Journal article authors and databases dictate which keywords should be used to index the subject in journal articles so readers can find the journal articles.

Keyword search strategy:  PICO Think it out before you type using PICO.

        are you researching a specific population or patient or medical problem or all 3 characteristics?

          are you looking for a method or process used in biological, social, and psychological interventions.

C          are you looking for journal articles that provide comparisons?

O         what type of outcome/output are you looking ?integrated bio-psycho-social treatment plan



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