Entrepreneurship: Industry & Market Research


Industry & Market Research Overview

There are a number of library resources available for industry and market research. A few things to keep in mind:

  • Is my product/service for the consumer (b2c) or for a business (b2b)?
  • Is my product/service sold in the U.S. only or in other countries?

Note that different resources offered through the library cover different audiences and different geographies. For b2c use Technavio via EMISMintel and Passport. For b2b use Technavio vis EMIS, NetAdvantage and First Research.

Industry and market research is extremely expensive because of the expertise and time that goes into gathering, analyzing and presenting information. We buy access to a lot of research but not everything. You will discover on the web many other resources we cannot afford which is exactly the same situation that happens when running a business.

Market & Industry Research

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