Ultrasound Echocardiography Sonography: 1. Class Paper/Poster assignments

This guide has been designed to assist students enrolled in RIT's Diagnostic Medical Sonography (Ultrasound) Program including the DMSO 460 Admin & Res in Sonography course.. Students should periodically check this guide for course assignment resource

Class Takeaway

Introduction- What you should know:

  1. Library Service IDS - Go to r services at library webpage. Need to register to request free full text articles.
  2.  Zotero tutorials https://infoguides.rit.edu/zotero/tutorials
  3. After class Assistance available via appointment calendar: https://rit.libcal.com/appointments?u=60948
  4. After class Poster/Communicating & Writing assistance in the library: Expressive Communication Center and University Writing Program
  5. Publishing Trends discussion: DOI, ORCID, AI technology & research in your profession, Medical Retracted papers questions for class


Course Poster/JDMS Paper assignment:

  • JDMS - AI/Chat GPT policy and instructions
  • Citing with AMA style
  • JDMS uses the AMA citing format
  • AMA Examples in JDMS Author manual page 9

Browsing for Medical Information suggestions:

  1. Frame your search thought with PICO (P=patient/population/problem, I=intervention C=comparison, O=outcome
  2. Use Pubmed's MESH thesaurus to limit large search results (JDMS author manual page 8)
  3. limit general topic search results with Systematic reviews(articles that have been reviewed again after initial publishing)

Where to begin your search:  JDMS Author Manual page 12/13

IN CLASS: Library medical databases with a demonstration of  Zotero

  1. PubMed/Medline (National Library of Medicine)
  2. Cochrane
  3. Web of Science
  4. Science Direct
  5. Ebsco
  6. Proquest
  7. ERIC mentioned in JDMS is more education related
  8. Google Scholar (advanced search with date limiters along with keywords)
  9. Research Rabbit example of a competitor to Google Scholar



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