Ultrasound Echocardiography Sonography: 2/5/18 Helpdesk support: Finding articles and Citing

This guide has been designed to assist students enrolled in RIT's Diagnostic Medical Sonography (Ultrasound) Program including the DMSO 460 Admin & Res in Sonography course.. Students should periodically check this guide for course assignment resource

2/5/18 Schedule

Welcome Back

  • Still need help in finding appropriate scholarly articles?
  • Need help with selecting appropriate keywords?
  • Need help in citing your references?
  • Need help with SUMMON, GoogleScholar?
  • Endnote Cite while U Write , Chrome, Mac, Desktop download mistake issues will done last if time permits or at the library

2/6/18 Available Times:   Outside your classroom 78-1630   from noon to 1pm

bring your lunch if you want

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