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MGMT 103 Business 2T : Business Planning Tools and Practice: Economy, Society, Technology


Two Quick Economy Overviews

More Economy Overviews for a Fuller Understanding

Society and Culture

These are resources on the web covering trends in society and culture. Gallup and Pew do polling on various topics. Some of Gallup's polls and data are free to visitors to their site. All of Pew's polls, reports and data are free. The Verge is a commercial web based publication covering tech and society.

Technology Trends

These are free resources on the web covering new products and trends in various technologies. There are many resources on the web from amateurs and professionals covering technologies. If you are unsure of a sources integrity or trustworthiness check with your professor or a librarian. Ultimately your professor will have the say if a source can or should be incorporated into a paper or project.

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