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Navigating RIT Digital Collections

How to search, browse, and use the features of RIT Digital Collections

Media Groups

Note: You must be logged in with your RIT computer account in order to use the Media Groups and Presentation features 

Media groups allows you to save objects to a central location in your Digital Collections account. You can create multiple media groups and organize them into folders. They can be public, private, or password protected. 

To create a Media Group, hover over the "Create" tab and click on "Media Groups".  Choose a name for your media group and determine the privacy settings. If you plan to start adding items to the media group right away, make sure the "Active Media Group" box is Screenshot of Media Group creation form add to a media group, it must be your Active Media Group. Simply click on the plus sign next to items, either in the item viewer or the browse page, to add them to the Active Media Group. 

Screenshot of image with "Add to Active Media Group" button (plus sign)

To change your Active Media Group (or other media group information), hover over the "Explore" tab and click on "Media Groups". Your media groups will be listed on the left. Hover over the name of the one you want to change and click on the pencil and paper icon (Edit Media Group Properties). 

To access a Media Group, choose Media Groups from the Explore menu. The left column will list your media groups, while the right column will list all media groups that are available to you (including publicly available groups). 

Screenshot of Media Groups page highlighting where to edit one's own media groups and where to access public media groups

Media groups can be viewed as a slideshowor copied into a new Media Group. 

Screenshot of Media Group page which slideshow feature highlighted

*NOTE: Books and audio/visual items will not show up in slideshows


Presentations allow you to put together items from one or more media groups and edit slides in-browser to contain multiple items in one slide, or to zoom in on particular sections of an item. They can also be exported to PowerPoint. 

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