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Navigating RIT Digital Collections

How to search, browse, and use the features of RIT Digital Collections

Exploring the Collections

Basic Keyword Searching

To perform a basic keyword search, type the word or phrase into the search bar at the top right of the screen. 

You can choose from two options when searching, to toggle between them click on the small down arrow in the search bar. 

Search Catalog Data: This will search the descriptive information that as been entered about the object. 

Search Catalog Data & Text in Document: This will search both the descriptive information as well as the full-text of any documents that have been machine read (note: not all text documents will have this ability)

Screenshot of front page with search bar and options highlighted

Advanced Searching

From the Advanced Search form, you can perform more specific searches by field, as well as limit your searches to specific collections. 

Screenshot of advanced search form with operator, fields, and collection selector options highlighted

Searching By Date Range

You must be in a specific collection to search by date range. 

Click on the search bar arrow to select the date range option. 

Enter the earliest year and latest year that you want to search for into the boxes. 

screenshot of front page of Cary Graphic Arts Collection, with search by date range highlighted and an example in the boxes.

Note: This will only work return objects that have an exact year in their Date of Original field. Objects classified by approximate dates or year ranges will not be included. 

Searching from Descriptive Information

You can also use the descriptive information accompanying the item to search the collection or the same field. Hover over the entry you want to search. You will be given the option to search that word or phrase in the entire collection or within the same field. 

screenshot of descriptive information highlighting how to search a specific phrase in a field

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